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Cheese and macaroni are the ideal way to start any meal, and there are plenty of excellent cheese and macaroni restaurants to enjoy them in New York City. This list includes Westville, Apple's Bee and Cheese, Hattie B's Melrose, Ginger's scallop mac and cheese, and others. To find your new favourite restaurant, try them all. This article can assist if you can't decide which one to try.

Mac and cheese from Westville

If you're looking for a creamy, gooey, cheesy slice, head to Westville in New York City. This local chain provides American classics with a contemporary, authentic twist. The mac and cheese, which comes hot and is topped with optional crispy bacon, is made with smoked Gouda bechamel. This location is well-liked by both locals and tourists.

Melrose Place, Hattie B's

There are many fantastic restaurants in New York City to buy mac and cheese, but Hattie B's Melrose is our selection for one of the best. The restaurant serves local foods and emphasizes southern cooking, making it the ideal location for this popular comfort meal. You may get the mac and cheese with a side of shrimp or crab legs at this local staple.

Cheese with Apple's Bee

If you've never visited New York City, you're missing out on one of the world's most comforting dishes. Mac and cheese evoke childhood memories and an insatiable need for dairy and carbs. Moreover, Mac and cheese is the one thing that doesn't stink in winter. Here are ten NYC mac and cheese locations that gratify any cheese lover.


Mooney's is unquestionably the king of buffalo-style mac and cheese. Mooney's menu will delight any pallet, with creative options like mac & cheese topped with steak on weck, bacon, or stuffed banana peppers. Of course, you can also order take-out or stick to the basics, such as the cheeseburger with bacon. Whether you eat in or take it out, you'll appreciate Mooney's quick service, reasonable rates, and laid-back atmosphere.

Mooney's Restaurant in Buffalo

Mooney's is a busy pub in Buffalo, New York, where you can eat big burgers, sandwiches, and pizza. This tavern has a long bar as well as flat-screen televisions. It's a nice spot to unwind after work or before a game. You should stop by this bar if you're in the city during football season. There is lots of amusement for the entire family here.

Mooney's Restaurant in New Rochelle

You can read about a former New York City police inspector who died abruptly after suffering a heart attack in this digitized edition of "James S. Mooney's Death." Unfortunately, the Times did not update or change the electronic version. The article is out of date due to transcription problems. We are, nevertheless, working on updating archived editions of the newspaper. Whether you are familiar with Mooney's or not, we hope you will take the time to visit this local landmark.

Mooney's at Stanton Social Eater NYC has named Mooney's at Stanton Social one of the five most incredible spots in New York City to eat mac & cheese. Its mac and cheese feature four distinct types of cheese and a savoury breadcrumb crust. While it is more upmarket than some other New York City restaurants, it serves a traditional and enjoyable mac & cheese.

Mac and cheese with scallops from Ginger

Ginger in Anchorage serves a genuine Alaskan types of mac and cheese. This Anchorage favourite combines three kinds of cheese with grilled diver scallops. A basil-pine-nut crust and truffle oil drizzle complete the dish. Ginger is a terrific option whether you want a basic macaroni and cheese or something a little more daring.

Mooney's is located at Mooney's.

Mooney's @ Mooney's will close on June 30 in the upcoming season of "You." The Irish pub is famous for its corned beef on St. Patrick's Day. The landlord has not renewed the lease for more than 15 years, and the landlord and the Atlantic Yards redevelopment project are at war over the pub's future. Finally, the landlord and the judge agreed, although it is not yet official.

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