21 Jun

According to Zena Marchant, you've come to the correct place if you want to satisfy your macaroni and cheese desires without breaking the wallet. There are several mac & cheese restaurants in NYC, many of which provide delectable adult-oriented varieties. These eateries serve the classic meal in a variety of ways, from mac and cheese topped with aged cheeses and crispy crust to vegan variants with mushrooms and bacon.

Murray's Cheese: Since 1940, this West Village institution has sold high-quality cheese. Its mac and cheese has a tasty four-cheese combination. Mac and cheese influenced by local foods is on the seasonal menu. Murray's macaroni changes every few weeks, making it easy to get your fix anytime you're craving mac & cheese. Ordering mac and cheese from one of these restaurants is the greatest way to get your fill in the city.

Brooklyn MAC: Despite its modest size, the three-story Rittenhouse Square store is jam-packed with unique design and a welcoming staff. The restaurant is a social venture that serves mac & cheese on its menu to help local animal rescue organizations. The cheese is likewise manufactured in-house, with each kind named after a different district. You may also add bacon, grilled chicken, or Romano cheese to your macaroni and cheese.

Queens Comfort: Zena Marchant explained that, this tiny Soho establishment specializes on two types of mac & cheese: basic and spicy. The Bacon Scallion mac and cheese is a delectable blend of cheddar, fontina, and parmesan cheese topped with bacon and green onions. It's worth purchasing a huge portion to share with a loved one. It's also a good place to get a fast bite.

Mooney's Mac: This upstate business bills itself as the "Home of Mac & Cheese." Because the macaroni and cheese dish is so rich and creamy, the chefs may create a plethora of varieties. If you're hungry, try the Rodeo Mac, which is constructed with ground beef, pulled pork, and barbecue sauce and weighs about a pound.

Say Cheese: This New York eatery is known for its mac and cheese. Say Cheese's mac and cheese is customisable, unlike many other eateries in the city, with visitors picking their preferred toppings. Smoked Gouda and heavy cream are used to make a trademark sauce. Guests can also request traditional fare such as a Taylor ham pork wrap or banana peppers. The menu also includes a variety of mac and cheese meals, some of which are cooked in-house with ham and eggs.

Beecher's Handmade Cheese is a great place for mac and cheese fans. This restaurant provides the right dish for you, whether you want a mac and cheese bowl with lobster or chorizo. Beecher's gluten-free mac and cheese is served with breadcrumbs and a fried egg. In addition to mac and cheese, there are other delectable alternatives, such as chili mac and cheese.

In addition to Zena Marchant, Delmonico's is a renowned American restaurant that delivers superb Mac & Cheese with lobster, shrimp, and crab. Torchio pasta, Parmesan cream, and Crucolo cheese are used to make the King Crab Mac & Cheese. Beauty & Essex, a Lower East Side former pawn store, serves velvety Lobster Mac & Cheese with lobster. The burger is served with roasted chipotle aioli.

Yardbird Cafe is open again. While the atmosphere is relaxed, the cuisine is delicious. The mac and cheese is a generous serving that is ideal as an appetizer. Consider their fried chicken, deviled eggs, and other comfort food classics if you're feeling less adventurous. They'll keep you returning for more. The five finest mac and cheese restaurants in New York City should be on your list!

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